Comparing Palette Gear to Other Controllers for Premiere Pro

Here's why Palette Gear is a game changer

Carlos Luna tried two different controllers before settling on Palette Gear.

After years of working on audio, video, and graphic design, his wrists and fingers were starting to feel it. 


Some of the other controllers he tried wanted to take the place of his keyboard, but they couldn’t do everything his keyboard did. Others didn’t work natively with a lot of the photo and video editing programs that he uses like Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Enter Palette Gear. The game changer 💥🎤 

What makes Palette Gear different than other controllers?

  • It’s customizable
  • It’s faster
  • It was built specifically for photo and video editing workflows
  • The deep integrations hook directly into editing software, going beyond keyboard shortcuts, and giving you more access and control
  • It will leave your keyboard alone, damnit 

How to customize Palette Gear for video editing

As soon as you magnetically connect the modules on your desk, you’ll see them arranged in the same way on your screen.

Clicking on any module will open the menu of functions that are available. You can custom assign the function, name, LED colour, and sensitivity of each.

To extend the functionality of your kit, you can create multiple profiles for different stages of your workflow. Carlos created one profile for editing and one for color grading in Premiere Pro. Here is how they look: 

Assign one button to switch to your next profile, or push and hold that button to bring up a preview of your functions on you screen.

How to use Palette for Lumetri and Colour Grading in Premiere Pro

Normally, if you wanted to update the Lumetri color in Premiere Pro, you would have to open the Lumetri window and use your mouse to make adjustments.

With Palette, you don’t have to worry about that. Moving a Palette module set to any Lumetri function will automatically open that panel. Here’s a video:

If you’re like Carlos who has been editing for so long, your wrists are probably starting to feel it. When you use a mouse to make precise edits like moving a tiny, digital slider left or right very slowly and meticulously, the repetitive motion over and over again will start to hurt after a while.

Palette Gear is a more ergonomic way to color grade, and it’s faster and more precise than your mouse. Most importantly, your eyes will stay glued to your work.

Controlling X & Y Positions

Use two Palette dials to control the X & Y positions in Premiere Pro. This will help you fly through scaling, creating lower thirds, and titles.

Using a Palette dial for timeline navigation

Use a Palette dial for timeline navigation, jogging, and shuttling

“Palette dials absolutely crush it when it comes to timeline nav.”

Turn the dial to move through your timeline frame-by-frame. Press and turn it to sprint through. You can also use a dial to shuttle the play head left and right. Pressing the dial will stop it. Here’s a quick tutorial:

The dials are more sensitive so you can really be precise. Plus, you can customize the sensitivity of the dials for even more precision.

Try Palette Gear, no strings attached

Ultimately, Palette Gear becomes it’s own little workstation. It doesn’t want to take the place of your keyboard and mouse. Palette will enhance and mold to your unique workflow.

Find out what makes Palette Gear such a game changer for video editors like Carlos and try it completely risk-free for 30 days. Improve your editing workflow in Premiere, and save your wrists, or return it for a full refund. That’s our better editing guarantee ✌️

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