Discover How Other Creatives Set Up Their Palette Gear For Workflow Inspiration

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We'll admit it, we're workflow efficiency junkies.

We're always on the lookout for ways to improve our own workflows and often look to industry leaders and the photography community for inspiration. Palette Gear can add an incredible amount of efficiency to a workflow by putting your most used functions at your fingertips. But by sharing and learning from our community, we think we can be even more efficient editors.

Here is how Palette Gear is encouraging workflow efficiency learning through Palette profiles and how your workflow can benefit from seeing how others are using their Palette kits.  

What is a Palette profile?

A Palette profile is a group of functions that you have assigned to a Palette kit. Think of Palette profiles like layers in Photoshop. You can build multiple layers of functions for one Palette kit, thereby extending its functionality. 

Palette Gear profiles for Capture One

You can create multiple profiles based on the different apps you use (one for Lightroom, another profile for Photoshop), or based on different stages in your workflow within the same app. For instance, you could have one profile for basic adjustments, another for color corrections, and yet another for effects—all within Lightroom. You can assign a Palette button or dial to cycle between your profiles for a non-disruptive workflow. 

PaletteApp can accommodate up to 15 profiles at any given time. Profiles can be saved and shared among Palette users. 

How to share your profile and find Palette community profiles

You can easily share a Palette profile directly from PaletteApp. Select the cloud icon at the bottom left of PaletteApp or select Community > Share Profile from the menu bar. You can custom name your profile and add a photo so others can quickly and easily see your assigned functions. Get the full instructions on submitting a profile and community submissions etiquette here.  


To check out other Palette owners' profiles, visit our community profile exchange here. You can download and try profiles, searching by kit size and application. As you download and try new profiles on your Palette kit, you can still customize that profile and tweak it slightly to your exact needs. You can also upvote or downvote other profiles—leave feedback on any profiles that you find useful!

What makes a great profile?


A good Palette profile tackles a specific workflow with ease and fluidity. Do you use Palette Gear to dodge and burn quickly? Are you using Palette Gear to color grade in Premiere and have a profile that can help others? Adding efficiency to these workflows using Palette Gear would make a great profile addition to our community. 

Other users can upvote your profile submissions and you can do the same. Profiles are by nature based on personal choices and priorities. Upvote good quality profiles and downvote useless ones but appreciate that these choices are heavily subjective. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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