How Tangelene Bolton Writes Additional Music for Netflix's Brainchild and Nickelodeon using Palette Gear in her Music Production

My name is Tangelene Bolton and I’m a film and TV composer in Los Angeles. 

I got my start working for Hans Zimmer’s studio at Remote Control Productions and now work as an independent composer for film/TV. I currently write additional music for the Nickelodeon animation show called Shimmer and Shine and helped score the music for the TV show Brainchild (produced by Pharrell Williams) on Netflix. I have some really exciting projects on the rise and Palette has been making my workflow SO much easier.

 Palette Gear: What inspires you?

I am inspired by anything that moves me. Whether that be a new song on the radio or some dusty vinyl that I found at a consignment shop, if it triggers a burst of creativity in my brain, that is when I get truly inspired.

Palette Gear: How do you stay efficient? Why is efficiency important to you? 

I’m always trying to find new and efficient ways to tighten the bridge between my initial ideas to the final product. I use Logic Pro X as my main Digital Audio Workstation to capture my writing process. In order to get the highest quality results though, I need to give my compositions as much of a human touch as possible. I need to breathe life into the work. That is where Palette Gear comes in.

Palette Gear: How do you use Palette Gear to help in your creative process? 

Palette Gear allows me to easily map different MIDI CC’s or key commands to control things like: 

  • Mod wheel data
  • Expression
  • Vibrato

Palette it completely customizable so the list of commands you can assign is endless. Right now, I have the Palette Starter Kit and use the arcade buttons to go back a measure or to go forward a measure in my arrange window of Logic. I use the dial as a zoom in and out in the arrange window as well as the push option for opening up my piano roll. My favorite is the fader, which I easily mapped to control my midi CC-11 (expression) and I have 3 more faders on the way which I will use for modulation, vibrato, volume or release. 

The nice thing about Palette is that it is modular, so you can easily add more faders/knobs/buttons to your setup over time and as your needs change.


About Tangelene Bolton

Based in Los Angeles, CA, film & TV composer Tangelene got her start working for A-list composers Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Interstellar), Henry Jackman (X-Men, Captain America), and Bobby Tahouri (Game of Thrones, Iron Man). Most recently, Tangelene helped write the score for the Netflix Original Series, Brainchild, produced by Pharrell Williams and currently writes additional music for the Nickelodeon hit animation show, Shimmer and Shine.

Aside from her work in film & TV, Tangelene is also active in both the commercial and game world. Recently writing music for the national campaign for Nordstrom’s, The Nordy Club, AirAsia’s, Malaysia Day and taking on the role of technical score engineer on the most recent Tomb Raider game, Rise of the Tomb Raider (Playstation).

Follow Tangelene on Instagram or visit her website to see more of her work.


Try Palette Gear in your workflow for a fully personalized experience. 

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