Instantly Make Lightroom Adjustments With These Multi-Function Dials

More precise and hands-on control means you'll edit faster

By Nina Vasic

Palette multi-function dials

Ever wanted to edit or sort through photos in Lightroom with lightning speed or edit with greater precision? The multi-function, infinite turn dials from Palette Gear allow you to do just that.

So how can these little dials do all that?

For one, unlike keyboard shortcuts, you can set sensitivity and range for each dial allowing you to make those meticulous and detailed adjustments for even better looking results.

The dial can be turned for fine control or press and turned for coarse control. Pressing the dial will reset your changes. That’s 3 functions in one!

In keyboard mode, assign shortcuts for left turn, right turn and press. You can even assign a custom colour to the LED halo.

The dials can be assigned any function that you want since they’re fully customizable. Each dial is magnetic and modular so you can add more over time to your kit. Here is how to custom assign any Lightroom function using PaletteApp:

How to custom assign any Lightroom function to a Palette Gear dial and change the sensitivity, color, and name of the module

The idea is, you’ll want to take the top 20% of your most used functions (the ones you use 80% of the time) and give yourself immediate, hands-on access to them. Having your most used functions at your fingertips allows you to sort and edit at lightning speed and precision.

The feedback from pro photographers is that Palette Gear makes them faster and more efficient editors. Unlike other controllers, Palette allows you to easily switch between workflows in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, among others.

By creating multiple profiles, you can assign more than one function to each dial. Here are two profiles that we’ve created for Lightroom:

Palette sorting profile for Lightroom Classic
Lightroom "Sorting" Profile
Palette Developing Profile for Lightroom
Lightroom "Developing" Profile

You can even control all adjustments in Lightroom with just one dial. Watch the video below for more tips on using a Palette dial to speed up your editing and make you a more precise editor.

 Now that you’re a pro at using Palette dials, order your Palette Kit today and try it risk-free for 30 days.

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