Palette Gear Announces Comprehensive, Tactile Precision Editing Now Available For Capture One

Innovative modular hardware offers tactile control for photographers and editors working in the Capture One ecosystem on macOS.

Overhead shot of photographer editing a photo in Capture One by Phase one software on a mac using Palette Gear's tactile, precision controls for photo editing

Waterloo, ON, December 11, 2018 — Palette Gear, creators of the industry leading customizable controller for extremely precise tactile photo and video editing, announces full integration with Capture One by Phase One for macOS. This release provides users with powerful new features based on extensive feedback from Capture One experts for fast and precise access to your most used Capture One functions in a completely configurable interface.

Palette’s modular set of buttons, dials, and sliders was especially designed to work seamlessly with RAW development as well as tethered shooting workflows in Capture One, focusing on providing the ultimate creative control to photographers.

Palette Gear is already compatible with newly released Capture One 12 software, allowing photographers control over key exposure, color, and detail tools, which when combined with brand new Capture One 12 features — such as luminosity masking and radial gradient masks — create an entirely new editing experience.

“Our workflow-first design philosophy has been to revolutionize the creative workstation and build the industry standard of powerful post-processing tools for the ultimate creative control,” says Calvin Chu, CEO and founder of Palette Gear. “By listening to our customers and industry experts, we’ve built all of their feedback into our new Capture One Kit that is optimized and tailored to their unique workflow.”

Palette’s powerful integration software is also compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro, and many more applications with new integrations and features always being added.

Learn more about Palette Gear’s integration for Capture One for macOS at Windows version to follow.

New Features and Tools of Palette Gear for Capture One

Powerful, deep access to functions in Capture One 11 and 12

Palette Gear introduces a newly re-designed menu of Capture One function items designed to allow you to directly control Capture One. The functions available go beyond keyboard shortcuts and include direct access to functions like exposure, white balance, tonal adjustments, and more. Palette’s new integration includes comprehensive support for: tonal adjustments like exposure, white balance, levels, high dynamic range, and black & white mix (black & white requires Capture One 12); detail adjustments including clarity, sharpening & noise reduction, grain, and more; library features including color tagging and rating images.

Capture One functions that are included in this build were selected based on extensive feedback from industry professionals making Palette a necessary tool during long editing sessions. The result is a new experience that is easily accessible for new users with pre-configured layouts, while being more customizable for Capture One power-users.

Workflow enhancing features

Along with access to key Capture One functions, Palette Gear has also built support for workflow optimization. Editors can now: individually customize the range, sensitivity, and function of each module for Capture One; add universal control for any selected slider in Capture One’s left-side tools panel and control with a single Palette dial; press and turn dials for coarse control or press and release to reset.

Fully customizable to your workflow

Palette’s modular design matches the completely customizable UI of Capture One. The entire experience moulds to your unique workflow. Palette’s design philosophy puts the photographer first. From customizing the layout, functionality, and even the color of each module, the hardware changes to fit the unique needs of any user.

Deep integration to access functions for greater creative control

Palette adds the ability to set sensitivity and range for its sliders and multi-function dials, allowing for greater creative control, precision, and accuracy that a mouse and keyboard simply cannot offer. This allows for smoother and more fluid adjustments that are customizable to your workflow. Editors can adjust multiple parameters simultaneously — such as Kelvin and tint — using just one dial. In fact, a single Palette dial can control any selected slider in Capture One’s left-side tools panel. This means that Palette Gear allows you to maximize functionality even in limited spaces or workstations.

Tethered Shooting with Palette Gear

Coming soon in January 2019, photographers will also be able to use Palette & Capture One in-studio to control the focus and shutter of tethered cameras. All Palette users can take advantage of this functionality through a free software update. Other updates coming in January via a free software update include: color balance support; tethered workflow support including camera focus, live view, and capture; keystone correction support.

Palette Gear Exclusive Capture One Kit

Palette Gear has announced an exclusive Capture One Kit that integrates effortlessly with the Capture One workflow. With the Palette Capture One Kit, you will get the exact number of sliders, buttons, and dials you need along with preconfigured functions for a plug-and-play experience right out of the box. The kit was designed by Capture One experts and industry leaders. The Palette Capture One Kit is available for purchase at

About Palette

Palette is building a new generation of personalized peripherals. With a mission to extend human creativity by modernizing the creative workspace, the company is revolutionizing how creatives interact with their favorite software. Its first hardware product, Palette, consists of modular dials, buttons and sliders that magnetically snap together to offer tactile control for creative software.

Palette is available for order at and through retail partners worldwide, starting at $199 USD. Along with three kit sizes geared to starters, experts, and professionals, Palette offers individual add-on modules starting at $29 for a truly custom interface solution.

Capture One is a registered trade mark of Phase One.

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