ORBITER MODULE (Available July 2020)

ORBITER MODULE (Available July 2020)

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 A first-of-its-kind input device designed for expressive and precise control of 2D and 3D interactions.

Pressure Sensitive Disc

  • Dual Tilt/Press mechanism: tilt for expressive and confident control in X/Y directions, or press down as a large pressure sensitive plate in Z direction
  • Monogram M3D™: patent-pending sensing technology detects sub-millimeter disc deflection and is resistant to dust and debris, where trackballs require cleaning
  • Ergonomic hand position: low-profile height and no more trackball flicking
  • X and Y axis individually assignable functions
  • Adjustable sensitivity and range
  • Flexible setups: combine multiple Orbiters or just use one for quick edits on set
  • Portable: easily take apart and take with you 

Infinite Encoder Ring

  • 68mm (2.7”) diameter ring: designed for fine adjustments and smooth scrolling
  • High resolution optical encoder
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Soft touch finish: comfortable non-slip grip
  • Internal 47mm industrial-grade ball bearing: weighted, smooth and oil-damped feel (yes we know it’s overkill)

Example Applications

  • Video editing: color wheels, jog & timeline navigation, clip position, animation
  • Photo editing: dual temp/tint, dual hue/saturation, crop, straighten, transform
  • Music production: dual expression/modulation, dual frequency/resonance, velocity-sensitive pads