Palette For Wedding Photography

Edit 30% faster with Palette Gear's tactile, precision controls. Deliver better results with a faster turnaround time for your clients. 

Palette Gear for wedding photography

Weddings are hectic. Picking out the best shots shouldn't be.

Use Palette's tactile arcade-style buttons and dedicated culling profile to quickly flag, pick, reject, and tag thousands of photos after the big day. Palette Gear is compatible with Lightroom and Photo Mechanic so you can use your favorite software to sort through photos with lightning speed.

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Couple at wedding by Lewis Fackrell photography

Each wedding is unique. So is your workflow.

Snap together Palette's multi-function dials and high precision sliders in your most efficient layout. Use the Basic Develop profile to quickly go through the most tedious adjustments and end cursor cramps. Or make your own profile by custom assigning each module to a function to match your unique workflow. 

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The best tools for the job

You wouldn't show up to a wedding without your 24-70mm lens, so why edit with tools that weren't specifically made for creative work? Palette Gear hooks deep into photo editing software like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photo Mechanic to give you access to tools and control that you would not get with a keyboard, and with faster access than a mouse. Stop searching through endless menus in Lightroom, or putting unnecessary strain on your wrists. Tactile controls are more ergonomic, give you faster access to tools, with more precision, and less strain.  

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Go beyond wedding photography

Palette was designed to speed up the editing workflow without sacrificing creativity. Personalize Palette to fit the way you work and your unique style. Palette also works with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Capture One (macOS), and many more.


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What Wedding Photographers Are Saying

 "I've found that Palette dials give me the most control over my fine tuning in Lightroom, and they are a lot faster than finding the adjustments I need in Lightroom and using my mouse." Read More >>

Allie Siarto, Wedding Photographer

Michigan, USA















"My workflow has been reduced by 60% of my time editingthat's around 4 hours extra to do other things. Palette Gear is a total life saver since it means when I have 4 weddings to edit in 2 weeks, I can fly through it in 2 days." Read More >>




 Lewis Fackrell, Wedding Photographer

Cardiff, UK



"What you may not realize about Palette Gear (until you try it), is that with Palette you can perform multiple edits at the same time! This is a huge productivity boost because with enough experience I can think of 5 edits a photo needs the instant I see it." Read More >> 


Matija Kljunak, Wedding Photographer

Dubrovnik, Croatia



"Culling and editing is done either by myself of our trainee. We make a quick run through the collection and reject unfocused, wrongly exposed, and less intriguing images. At the same time, we flag extraordinary shots. This process is super simple and user-friendly with Palette." Read More >>


Cornelius Fischer, Wedding Photographer

Aarau, Switzerland



Our Better Editing Guarantee

Try Palette Gear risk-free for 30 days. If it doesn't improve your workflow, you can return it for a full refund. Have a question? Reach out to us here or on Instagram or Facebook

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