Wacom and Palette Gear: The Ultimate Editing Console

Wacom Intuos Pro tablet paired with Palette Gear's modular, tactile controls offer photo and video editors a faster, most precise, and ergonomic workflow than working with a keyboard and mouse alone. 

Jordan Bush Photography Wacom Intuos Pro tablet with pen and Palette Gear's tactile, precision controls

Image courtesy of Jordan Bush Photography

Created for Creating

Unlike the keyboard and mouse, Wacom Intuos Pro and Palette Gear have designed tools that are specifically made for the complexity of creative work. Ultra-responsive, sensitive, and customizable controls allow you to connect with your art like never before. When combined, these two tools are redefining the professional standard for creative workflows.

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Palette Gear's tactile, precision controls and a Wacom tablet for photo and video editing

Precision, Speed, and Access to Essential Tools at Your Finger Tips

Palette Gear hooks deep into photo editing software like Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Capture One (on macOS) to give you more control than a keyboard, and with faster access than a mouse. Change the sensitivity and range of Palette modules for fine tuning and precision work. Use the exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness of Wacom Pro Pen 2 to get the control you need to take your work to the next level. Brian Matiash explains why he loves editing with Wacom and Palette Gear in the video below.

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Customize Your Work Style

Palette Gear and Wacom Intuos Pro are designed to let you focus on what’s important – your creativity. Both devices are versatile and mould to your unique workflow. Palette's modular design allows you to configure the layout, function, and even the LED halo ring colours any way you'd like. The quality build and compact design will look stunning on any workspace.

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What Professional Photographers Are Saying

"One of the biggest benefits of editing with Wacom and Palette Gear is that it reduces strain on your wrist and offers the ultimate precision." Read More >>

Brain Matiash, Photographer 
Portland, Oregon, USA 



"Completing many tasks well demands every advantage I can find and saving time is imperative. The Intuos Pro dramatically enhanced my retouching capabilities, and Palette took global color corrections and localized work to another level. Pairing the Intuos Pro and Palette Gear’s Professional Kits is a massive win, and both are fundamental to my post-production workflow." Read More >>

Jordan Bush, Food Photographer
Lancaster, Pensilvania, USA