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  • Going Analog in a Digital Workflow

    It’s ironic that creating with analog control in the digital world is of increasing value. It’s a natural way to connect with technology using interactive tools, and the processing workflow has gone full circle. Tactile feedback improves user experience and increases comfort while rapidly accelerating workflows. Not only are analog tools in a digital workflow more fun to employ, but, in my view, they are also notably better. The integration of two such devices has extended my creativity as no others can: the Wacom Intuos Pro and Palette Gear’s Professional Kit.
  • Work Smarter Not Harder: Brian Matiash’s Two Most Important Hardware Devices for Lightroom

    There’s a common phrase “work smarter, not harder,” and that also applies to the way you edit your photos. In this video, Brian Matiash shows you his two most important pieces of hardware that he has been using for years to edit his photos in Lightroom.