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  • 8 Ways to Use Palette Gear in Premiere Pro For A More Efficient Video Editing Workflow

    We designed Palette for the complexity of creative work. In Premiere Pro, Palette was designed primarily for use with Lumetri color, transport controls, keyframe motion & effects, and audio mixing. Here are 8 ways to use Palette Gear for a more efficient and less strenuous workflow in Premiere Pro.
  • How To Use Macros with Palette Gear To Speed Up Your Video Editing Workflow

    Video editing is a creative process. No doubt about it. But using the software itself is also a technical skill. A few months ago I started using Palette Gear for my daily editing tasks in Premiere Pro. I’ve found that even though sliders and dials are very useful in some cases, my favorite feature is using macro mode with Palette's arcade-style buttons. It saves me a tremendous amount of time whenever I face some repetitive tasks. Read on to see how.
  • Finding Inspiration, The Creative Process, and Efficient Workflows With Beauty and Portrait Photographer Quentin Décaillet

    Beauty, fashion, and portrait photographer Quentin Décaillet always starts with finding a concept. It's been the cornerstone of his work as a commercial photographer. After just 6 years in the industry, Quentin has already made a huge impact with his unique concepts and out-of-the-box thinking. But ideas aren't easy to come by. And sometimes, staying fresh and original, takes some unique approaches to brainstorming. We sat down with Quentin to chat about his creative process, what inspires him, and how he has improved his workflow for more efficiency.
  • See How Australian-based Aerial Photographer Gives His Ocean Edits a Surreal Look

    I try to aim for my images to tell a story. I keep them fairly simple, with a moody contrast and a nice pop of color. They often end up looking a little surreal. See how Phil captures and edits his stunning aerial shots, and his secret to staying efficient while editing in Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 
  • Discover How Other Creatives Set Up Their Palette Gear For Workflow Inspiration

    A good Palette profile tackles a specific workflow with ease and fluidity. Adding efficiency to editing workflows using Palette Gear would make a great profile addition to our community. Here's how you can upload your own Palette profile to share with other Palette Gear users.
  • This Wedding Photographer Turned His Passion Into a Career

    Sometimes your passion isn’t your day job. When wedding photographer Aaron Najera first moved to the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii, like most young people, he just needed a job to make ends meet. In fact, Aaron had never even held a DSLR before. Like so many photographers, his love and appreciation for this craft evolved over time. We sat down with Aaron to talk about his creative journey how he turned his passion for cameras into a career. 
  • Comparing Palette Gear to Other Controllers for Premiere Pro

    Find out what makes Palette Gear different than other controllers, and how to customize your gear for a seamless video editing workflow. 


  • Workflow Tools to Help Make You a More Efficient Editor That Are Built Right Into Palette Gear

    When you're editing thousands of photos in one session, even the tiniest efficiencies can mean a lot. Palette Gear was designed for the complexity of creative work. That is why we've reimagined the computing experience to be more personalized and workflow-centric. We’ve consulted with thousands of photographers — pros and hobbyists alike — and learned from what they needed most.
  • This Photographer Makes Nevada Desert Look Otherworldly

    My creative process starts outside of the lab. As with any “perfect” photo, it requires precision with timing, temperature and location. Typically, I have predetermined concepts in my head and I scout locations that best fit my vision.
  • Going Analog in a Digital Workflow

    It’s ironic that creating with analog control in the digital world is of increasing value. It’s a natural way to connect with technology using interactive tools, and the processing workflow has gone full circle. Tactile feedback improves user experience and increases comfort while rapidly accelerating workflows. Not only are analog tools in a digital workflow more fun to employ, but, in my view, they are also notably better. The integration of two such devices has extended my creativity as no others can: the Wacom Intuos Pro and Palette Gear’s Professional Kit.
  • How Tangelene Bolton Writes Additional Music for Netflix's Brainchild and Nickelodeon using Palette Gear in her Music Production

    I use Logic Pro X as my main Digital Audio Workstation to capture my writing process. Palette Gear allows me to easily map different MIDI CC’s or key commands to control things like: mod wheel data, expression, and vibrato. Palette it completely customizable so the list of commands you can assign is endless.

  • Work Smarter Not Harder: Brian Matiash’s Two Most Important Hardware Devices for Lightroom

    There’s a common phrase “work smarter, not harder,” and that also applies to the way you edit your photos. In this video, Brian Matiash shows you his two most important pieces of hardware that he has been using for years to edit his photos in Lightroom.