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  • Finding Inspiration, The Creative Process, and Efficient Workflows With Beauty and Portrait Photographer Quentin Décaillet

    Beauty, fashion, and portrait photographer Quentin Décaillet always starts with finding a concept. It's been the cornerstone of his work as a commercial photographer. After just 6 years in the industry, Quentin has already made a huge impact with his unique concepts and out-of-the-box thinking. But ideas aren't easy to come by. And sometimes, staying fresh and original, takes some unique approaches to brainstorming. We sat down with Quentin to chat about his creative process, what inspires him, and how he has improved his workflow for more efficiency.
  • Going Analog in a Digital Workflow

    It’s ironic that creating with analog control in the digital world is of increasing value. It’s a natural way to connect with technology using interactive tools, and the processing workflow has gone full circle. Tactile feedback improves user experience and increases comfort while rapidly accelerating workflows. Not only are analog tools in a digital workflow more fun to employ, but, in my view, they are also notably better. The integration of two such devices has extended my creativity as no others can: the Wacom Intuos Pro and Palette Gear’s Professional Kit.
  • All the New Palette Features We've Built in 2019 Based on Your Feedback & Suggestions

    At Palette, we’re particularly proud of how our product keeps evolving and improving through free, unrestricted software updates. Whether you backed us on Kickstarter or just purchased last week, the result is the same — every module becomes more capable over time, through consistent feature additions and improvements. 

  • Palette Gear Announces Comprehensive, Tactile Precision Editing Now Available For Capture One

    Palette Gear, creators of the innovative modular and fully customizable controller for precise, tactile photo and video editing, announces full integration with Capture One by Phase One for macOS. This release provides users with powerful new features based on extensive feedback from Capture One experts for fast and precise access to your most used Capture One functions in a completely configurable interface.